Sava The Flava BBQ – What Folks are Saying

“Oh My Gosh, the beef brisket is to die for…” – Laura S.

“This is the best bbq I’ve ever had, you both have a God’s given talent.” – Joseph G.

“Sava The Flava has the best BBQ on the circuit.” – Jim B.

“This is the best bbq I’ve ever had!” – Kathy R.

“Sava The Flava BBQ is way beyond any BBQ business around, I will always recommend them to anyone.” Dan W.

“Sava The Flava BBQ went above & beyond what I was expecting for my catering event! Thanks for everything Shawn & Taylor!” – Matthew J.

“The food is so good, you mouth waters as soon as you smell it, and the taste goes beyond expectation.” – Brian B.

“I’ve eaten a lot of ribs over the years, but Sava The Flava definitely were the best I’ve ever had.” – Jessica L.

“Sava The Flava can’t even be described, the only way to do it is try it.” – Mark M.

“I don’t really like car shows, but I will be at every car show that features Sava The Flava just to eat their food!” – Mary W.

“I’ve never had cupcake chicken, but once I had it I couldn’t stop eating it!” – Jane B.

“All I can say is MMMMM…MMMMM…GOOD!” – Dale T.


  1. Caleb Albright

    The rib dinner is to die for… The cupcake chickens, ribs, the corn bread; everything has great flavor

  2. The Brisket was great!! That cupcake chicken is amazing!! Everything was really good Thanx Shawn and Taylor!!
    John G

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